Birthday Week!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Guys, I must be a little kid, be I a) still get SUPER excited for my birthday b) love rainbows so much that I could run up and down my street declaring my love for them, and c) wanted to eat pizza and have a dance party for my birthday. Yeah, I think I'm like roughly 10 years old???

Last week my husband asked me to make a birthday list of everything I wanted to do on March 4. He's cute, and he did everything he could to make sure we a) took silly family pictures b) had a rainbow dance party, and c) played night games with my family.

I was worried when the morning started out rough, because the thing with babies is they don't care if it's your birthday or not, if they're grumpy they WILL let you know. Luckily friends, family, and one sweet husband turned the day around and made it an epic night of rainbow-happiness-dance-party-and-all-things-magical kind of night.

At the risk of sounding cheesy, I'm not afraid to say that spending time with my family was the best birthday gift I could ask for. AND I added this birthday to the list of best birthdays ever, along with my sweet 16 and my 21st Disneyland birthday.

So I'm one year older and hopefully wiser too!


  1. Oh my everything is adorable! You look fantastic with pink hair! And that last picture is so perfect. Plus that cake! Happy birthday Heather, it looks like it was great!

    1. Thank you so much, Malissa! You are the sweetest and your comments always put a smile on my face. It really was such a good birthday! :)))