Five Steps to a Happier Day!

Friday, January 16, 2015

With cold weather and short days, winter can get you down. BUT there are some simple solutions! Here are five tips to help conquer those winter blues to have a happier, healthier day!

Eat fruits high in vitamin C. Fruits like oranges, pineapples, and blackberries are high in vitamin C, which is known to be mood-elevating! Not only are they delicious, they'll make you feel better too. Pass the pineapple!

Have a dance party in the kitchen. I know, it sounds crazy. You have a pile of dishes, laundry, or some other chore that's screaming for your attention. My advice? Turn up your favorite tunes. This always helps me get through my to-do list. I turn on my favorite Spotify station and feel a jolt of energy. Yesterday I literally started singing and full on dancing to Katy Perry while cleaning the kitchen. Not only did my baby get a kick out of crazy, dancing mommy, but I had FUN cleaning. Also, it was my exercise for the day!

Speaking of exercise? Do it! Exercise releases dopamine in your brain, which makes you happy. It also makes you less stressed and more confident. So whether its riding your bike, running, or dancing around the kitchen, leave some room for exercise!

Consider taking vitamin D. The sunshine vitamin can be hard to come by in winter! Look into taking vitamin D to fill in the void during these cold months and help beat winter blues.

Reward yourself after work. January is the time for new resolutions. It seems like everyone I know is either on a strict diet, overloaded at work, or just working hard to accomplish goals. Working towards goals is wonderful! That's why I think it's okay to reward yourself after a hard day. Whether it's some quiet time in the bath, a girl's night out, enjoying your favorite show or book, or even dessert at the end of the day, reward yourself. You work hard and you deserve it!

Those are a few of the ideas that kick my winter blues to the curb. Try them out and let me know what you think!