Disney World With a Baby

Thursday, June 4, 2015

This post is a little late, but better late than never, right?! 

Last month we went to Disney World, which is seriously one of my very favorite places! Kenzie was so happy in her stroller at the parks and completely entertained seeing new places and people watching. She loved the parks, which made me love the trip.

This was her second time going to Disney World, which has four different parks, and the whole time I kept mentally making a list of advice I would give to other moms going with a baby. Does anyone else do this?

I kind of laughed at myself, then thought, wait, I really am going to make a list of advice! My list is small, but I think these things could made the difference between an exhausting day at the parks or an awesome day at the parks!

This list could work for Disneyland too, or really, any amusement park. So without further ado, here is my advice!

Take the big stroller
Wondering what stroller to take, the big one or the small one? I've done both. The umbrella stroller is lightweight and great for travel, but not my favorite for the parks. If I'm going to commit to a stroller for hours upon hours, I want to have my big, sturdy, stuff-everything-but-the-kitchen-sink-in-the-bottom stroller. Plus I wanted Kenzie to be as comfy as possible and have a little tray for her sippy cup and snacks.

Bring snacks
Speaking of snacks, Gerber baby puffs were awesome for keeping Kenzie happy. I would sprinkle some on her little stroller tray and she was content for a long time. I also brought yogurt bites, which she loves. We took a lot of baby food breaks, but I thought both the puffs and yogurt bites were a great, quick, non-messy snack for her to eat in her stroller.

Take a lot of snacks for you, too! At the end of the day you have literally walked for miles around the park. A small lunch isn't going to cut it. I bring trail mix, grapes, tons of water water bottles, cookies, and anything else that will give me energy to play all day. 

Take a Break
Nap time can be a little tricky to navigate at the parks. But I have to say, it's always best to leave during the hottest part of the day, which tends to also be the most crowded time of day. The combination of the two can lead to a big baby meltdown. And possibly a mommy one too.

So definitely leave! Go back to your hotel for a nice break. You can eat lunch, rest, let your baby take a nap, or go swimming. We did all four. When we got back to the parks I felt refreshed, Kenzie was happy, and we had such a good evening! 

Go on all the baby-friendly rides
Okay, if you're worried that there aren't baby attractions, don't be, there are tons. Not only that, Disney offers a rider's swap pass that lets parents take turns riding attractions. But if you're wondering what rides your baby can go on Disney World, here are a few:

Pirates of the Caribbean
Haunted Mansion
The Jungle Cruise
Peter Pan
Midway Mania (Toy Story ride)
Winnie the Pooh
Little Mermaid
It's a Small World
Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters
Finding Nemo
Spaceship Earth
Kilimanjaro Safaris

There are so many more throughout the parks, but that gives you an idea. Plus are a lot of little play areas and a splash zones that's great for babies and toddlers (once they can walk or hold themselves up).

If I left anything out that you would suggest for Disney parks with a baby, let me know!

Also, most of these pics are from the resort we stayed at, Disney's Port Orleans. As you can tell, we took a lot of swim breaks, considering most of the pictures are at the pool :) And the carriage is the real carriage from Disney's new Cinderella film! How cool is that?

The fun swimsuits are from Radswim.com. I love their suits so much and it was so fun to match with Kenzie! 


  1. Oh my, cutest pics ever!!!! I love this. And I had no idea there were so many baby friendly rides, that is awesome!

    1. Thank you, Machelle! And I think we all need to go to Harry Potter World next!