Coral and Lace

Monday, September 14, 2015


Guys, this dress, I am so in love. So much so that I turned into that heart-eyed emoticon when I first saw it. It's a coral and lace dream! 

Have you ever found the perfect dress but wish you could tweak just a few things? Making it just a little bit longer? Changing the neckline or adding sleeves? You can do all those things on and it's kind of amazing.

You pick your favorite dress, jumpsuit, or top (there are tons!) then choose the neckline, length, and sleeve you want. 

Where has this site been all my life? High school dances would have been so much easier to get a dress for! Back then my cute mom was always trying to hurry and sew on sleeves or find a matching cardigan for my prom dresses. I should really pull out some of those old prom pics and share them! 

But before then, check out Eshakti and look at their darling dresses! There are so many styles that are perfect for fall. And Winter. And Spring. Okay, for all seasons! Also, wouldn't it be great for bridesmaid dresses or any other special occasion? I think yes.